Slingerland Zoomatic

Slingerland owners have always seemed to be frustrated; they have a great sounding drum but the Zoomatic Throw-off just doesn’t do the drum justice!   To add injury to insult, the Zoomatic throw-off tends to break down at the most critical of moments, requiring the batter head to be removed and time spent repairing the internal part of the throw-off.


Well, the answer is here with Domino Retroplate Zoomatic Retrokit™ which includes the ZX Retroplate™, Trick GS007 Throw-off and all of the necessary screws to install in on your Slingerland snare drum.  The Throw-off comes preassembled to the ZX Retroplate™ which makes for a very easy swap, requiring only the use of some simple hand tools!


Pre-assembled Retrokit

The GS007 Multi-step throw-off assembled and ready to be installed




Finish/Domestic US Price including Alaska, Hawaii, & Puerto Rico

Finish/International Price including Shipping