We’re Glad you’re here and you may not know where to start so let get to those Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):



Q:  How difficult is a Retrokit™ to install?


A:   If you can change a drumhead, a Retrokit™ is about the same.  Only basic hand tools, such as Phillips blade screwdriver are required.  If there is a “special tool” required, it is included in your Retrokit™ free of charge.  The Retrokit™ is a simple “remove and replace” procedure.



Q:  What throw-offs work with the Retroplate?


A:   The Retroplate is design to work specifically with the Trick GS007 Multi-Step or Single Action throw-offs.  Any throw-off which utilizes a 7/8″ mounting spacing will work as well, such as the Nickelworks throw-off.  If you are not certain about your throw-off of choice, please contact us before purchasing.



Q:  Are all the screws necessary for installation included?


A:   Yes, in fact on most of the non –Ludwig Retrokits™, different lengths of screws are included, at no charge so that you can tailor the screw selection to the thickness of your drum’s shell.


Q:  Which Trick throw-off will come in my Retrokit?


A:   Typically, we only stock and sell the Trick GS007 Multi-step throw-offs in chrome or black. You simply specify which color you prefer. Requests for the single action GS007 can be honored but are considered special order and will require extended turnaround times.


Q: Returns & Refunds:


A:   It is incumbent upon the buyer to know what brand of drum and which throw-off is being replaced on the buyer’s drum. If you, the buyer, do not know what brand or model of drum and/or throw-off you have, please use  this page   to send in a couple of photos.

Please consider your order carefully and use the above link if needed. Once the order has shipped, there are no returns or refunds.


Q:  Can you fulfill multiple orders?


A:   Most definitely!  Please inquire by clicking HERE.


Q:  Are there opportunities for endorsements?


A:   Not at this time.  Perhaps in the future!



Q:  Is the Retroplate™ available without the Retrokit™?


A:   Certainly!  Just click or tap HERE or use the “Retroplates” Tab on the menu.