The most recorded snare drum in history, the Ludwig Supraphonic!   There isn’t much that can be said about these legendary snare drums which hasn’t already been said!  The most common malady plaguing these drum is the simple fact that, not matter what measures are taken, that outdated P-83 or P-85 throw-off simply won’t hold the snare wires to the desired tension during use!



The LT series Retrokit™ utilizes a Retroplate™ allows the drummer to mount a Trick GS007 throw-off to ANY Ludwig Supraphonic, be it a Hal Blaine LM400 or the Bonhamesque LM402, which has the P83, P-85 or P-86 factory throw-off.

The LT Retrokit preassembled

The bump jumping Retrokit for replacing those outdated Ludwig throw-offs.

The LT accommodates the shell’s center bead thus allowing the drummer to take full advantage of today’s (and tomorrow’s) best throw-off!

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