The Retroplate™ is the result of nationally touring and working drummer Mike McCraw who was frustrated with and wanted an alternative to what was offered from the factory on his DW snare drum.  Touring from the Pacific to the Atlantic, from the Dakotas and all over the southern United States, seeing what was available on the market and being dissatisfied with the factory throw-off on his DW Collectors snare drum, Mike came up with the idea of the Retroplate™ which retrofitted aftermarket throw-offs to his snare drum without having to modify either the drum or the throw-off.  The Retroplate™ would be the modification in itself and would allow the process to be totally reversible.


He saw that this was something which he, as a working drummer might want, then other drummers with other brands might want them as well and the Retroplate™ was born!


With a background in car restoration and auto parts, Mike saw the potential for a Retrokit™ which would ideally would make for a quick and easy installation for anyone who could change a drumhead!


And, as they say, the rest is history!


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