Black Beauty

One of the most prized and often imitated but never duplicated snare drums in history is the Ludwig Black Beauty. Whether a simple smooth black shell or engraved, the sound is prized and coveted! If only the throw-off was up to the high standards as the rest of the drum is!


The LT series Retrokit™ utilizes a Retroplate™ allows the drummer to mount a Trick GS007 throw-off to ANY Ludwig Black Beauty which has the P83, P-85 or P-86 factory throw-off, accommodating the shell’s center bead thus allowing the drummer to take full advantage of today’s (and tomorrow’s) best throw-off!


The LT Retrokit preassembled

The bump jumping Retrokit for replacing those outdated Ludwig throw-offs.

Finish/Domestic US Price including Alaska, Hawaii, & Puerto Rico

Finish/International Price including Shipping